About ZoB.

I have a passion for Psychology, Astrological Psychology, Social Psychology and Parapsychology; well I guess you can say anything psychology. I am also an absolute believer in Life long learning and in Adult Education. At the moment my journey involves helping people to better understand themselves and their purpose, and in doing so I am becoming attuned to myself and my purpose. I still- even after more than 15 years-  am astounded and profounded  by the accuracy and detail of information and insight that can be derived from a chart. Every chart consultation and card reading for me is a learning and miraculous experience, not just for the client but for myself. I consider myself fortunate to be able to practice and impart this gift.

The Sun Sign

The Sun Sign

3 responses to “About ZoB.

  1. What happened to your beautiful graphics you had as a background for your blog? I think I saw it yesterday and today it’s gone.

    • I am experimenting. Still have not come up with a final decision. Thanks for your input. I really was not sure how it was coming across, so this is really good.

  2. That’s much better. Does the flower in the background of any significance to you? I liked your old background because it was telling something about you.

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