Astrology of oppsites:The Taurus, Scorpio Axis/ The Archetypes of Sex and Food



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Now interestingly enough the Taurus Scorpio axis 2 to 8 houses are  ruled by the planets Venus/Mars Venus/Pluto, with Mars and Pluto being dual rulers of the sign SCORPIO. Pluto is considered the higher octave of Mars and tends to represent the deeper more covert aspects of Mars’ nature. But this might be an oversimplification of a much deeper psychological issue. For whereas Mars Aries are very upfront and in your face when it comes to its expression or assertiveness or even anger…. Because expression is


quite intuitive and spontaneous to the Mars/Aries nature, the Pluto influenced Scorpio goes deep into the feeling nature, spontaneity of  emotional expression is fought tooth and nail until the point of share volcanic explosiveness and only then is the Mars aspect freed and with pure unadulterated power.  For the Scorpio nothing!!!… And I mean NOTHING is taken at face value. Their feeling nature runs so deep into their abdomens that the sensation is usually felt in their sexual organs. It is no wonder then that in a society where free sexual expression is considered taboo or at least outside norms of propriety, the Scorpio will learn from an early age keep certain thoughts and feeling to themselves because “good little boys and girls simply do not think or behave that way” and the results of necessary parental conforming means being secretive and manipulative.


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Lying at the other end of the chart opposite to SCORPIO and the 8th house, in the second house is TAURUS, the aspect of Venus that is sultry and voluptuous in a purely earthy way. Taurus would rather not delve too deeply into causative factors. They are thankful and appreciative creatures with an eye for beauty and an appreciation  for comfort. taurus (1)Give them a good book, good food, a beautiful comfortable and  peaceful living space and they will be satisfied. So much so that things may  start going a mock all around them but they will not budge until they absolutely  have to. Hoping that in time things will get back to normal again. Relaxing,  trusting things at face value and accepting the beauty that is in their  environment is something Taurus finds very easy to do. The Scorpio on the  other hand will have none of it. Don’t get me wrong, Scorpios do know how to  relax and appreciate their environment as much as any other sign… however,  the Scorpio relates to his environment with his deep emotional feeling nature  while the Taurus relates with his five senses. 

Where the Taurus is concerned with his own value system the Scorpio investigates and evaluates the value systems of others.

The eight house, Scorpio’s natural house talks about intimacy and sharing, and even more importantly sharing the things that are the most important to us… like our bodies. (Thus the eight house ruler ship of sex). Venus emphasizes sexuality but Pluto wants sex in the sense of deep emotional orgasmic sharing… of the sort that in the Renaissance was referred to as “the little death.”  The second house the natural house of Taurus references “I Have” it is concerned with what is mine and belongs to me, money possessions but on a deeper level the things that make and form my value system, so the giving up of the ego in order to experience ‘the little death?’ Taurus will have none of that!



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And so we get to the journey. It is in very close and very intensely intimate relationships that the Taurus meets the shadow Scorpio and the Scorpio meets the shadow Taurus. It is here that the Scorpio is forced to learn trust because more than anything else it is the Scorpio that must be trusted, and the Taurus is forces to learn feelings that lie beyond the mundane. This kind of intensity can sometimes be too much for the Taurus, and whenever life’s circumstances pushes them to these depths they emerge feeling as if they have been abused and raped. But down there they must go for a life based purely on sensation is a life not lived. They will learn that true real relationships are about intimacy and that intimacy is about sharing the parts of ourselves are the most important to us… most vulnerable.   The Scorpio on the other hand through their intimate relationships will learn from the devastation of loss, that relationships require trust. That not every aspect of life and relating to others need to be infiltrated with covert messages, and that a rose by any other name is most likely to smell just as sweet.

All Taurus carry that shadow Scorpio patiently waiting for the chance to surface and pull them down into the center of Hades and there they will discover the intense feeling that is required to develop and maintain intimate relationships. They will learn to change “I have” to “we share” or risk settling for mundane superficial relationships that mean nothing and do nothing for their growth or individuation. All Scorpios will have to eventually comply when the Taurus buried deep inside them pushes them up into real satisfying relationships and out of the distrust and frustration that comes with an inborn suspicion that is better used navigating the mysteries of their own lives. Then they will have to face the light of day without the helmet that makes them invisible, they will have to trust, lift themselves up from the muddle of secrecy or risk spending their entire lives alone.

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