Suspicion: Pluto Houses 1 to 6

Trust, how important is it? The thought that might come to your mind is, “can I be trusted? Can they be trusted?” But there is another very important part of trust that we need to consider. That is, can I trust? Am I capable of trusting?

So trust becomes a two-way street. Can I trust? And can I be trusted? Which one is the most difficult? Well depending on one’s philosophy one’s view of their life one’s own value system the question of whether or not you can be trusted is answered very simply. It boils down to what kind of person you are and how strong is your word. But there’s another part of trust, a very different part that is not as easy to accomplish. That is how capable are you of trusting others? Trusting others require that we return to something that we might have – a lot of  us – forgotten a long time ago since childhood… being capable of trusting. It is not a matter of philosophy or value system, it is more internal, more intrinsic and requires something that is sometimes even beyond effort. It requires a change or an establishment of more than just a simple value system.

That is the question that I would like to answer or I would like to try to answer, what is required in order to be trusting?

The fact is we are all born trusting. But as we get older, as our experiences increase, that natural tendency to trust disappears little by little. And this is not just a Human trait; animals also seem to have this tendency. However I contend that trusting less and going to the extreme of being distrusting are two different things. I contend that they are different because, being less trusting implies increased caution, while being distrusting implies suspicion. So how would you describe yourself, cautious or suspicious?

Before you answer that question, it should be noted that we are all, both and it depends on the subject matter. Scorpio and the eighth house (in the chart) denote deep secrets and mystery, things buried, consciously and unconsciously hidden and with that the equal desire to bring them to the light. Pluto the ruling planet of Scorpio, the eighth house and the underworld, is the symbol of this. Suspicion however intrinsically has its purpose, it exists so as to force us to go further, to investigate what makes us uncomfortable and may be that is why “On the psychological level, Pluto may be threatening to those who prefer to live solely on the surface of life” thus “our need to penetrate to the roots of things and seek insight into the underworld of the psyche is reflected by the astrological symbol of Pluto.” (Greene, 1994) Where ever Pluto is in your chart, denotes where you are most likely to not be satisfied with superficial answers. This is where you tend to be most suspicious so as to get to the bottom of things thus clearing the psyche for rebirth and transformation. This is however rarely a pleasant task. Because Pluto’s drive to uncover and expose may become obsessive and almost always what we find hidden deep within our own psyches were probably put there for a reason. Pluto carries with it the undertones of fate. Where ever it is located in the chart and with whatever planet it is connected is where and what respectively must be transformed at all cost and at all times and only the undercurrents of destiny will permit us to drive that hard and that assiduously.

Pluto in the first house causes us to be suspicious of ourselves and our egos. We confuse birth and death and continuously play both creator and destroyer.

Pluto in the second house causes us to be suspicious of our own value system and of the things we and others consider to be valuable. We therefore continuously dig deeper in our own psyche trying to come to terms we the intimate and psychic meaning of wealth and riches.

Pluto in the third house causes up to be suspicious of our own perceptions and even our own mind. Nothing is taken at face value, what we know and what we think must be scrutinized observed and transformed.

Pluto in the fourth house becomes complicated, because here we become suspicious of our own roots, “complexes, traumas and unresolved issues from early childhood often seethe below the level of conscious awareness” (Sasportas, 1998)

Pluto in the fifth causes us to be suspicious of love, romance and even our own creativity. It is these people that are transformed and even reborn through love but only after their own obsession leaves them feeling tortured and raped.

Pluto in the sixth brings suspicion of our own bodies and physical illness in any form cannot be taken at face value because this is where the body meets the psyche. The suspicion here is based on the possibility that physical illness is an indication of problems elsewhere.

To be continued….

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