Horoscope March 9 to 15


pisces 2

Psychologically you may feel very much in harmony with yourself and be able to do whatever you have to do single-mindedly. However innermost unconscious fantasies may be brought out without warning. This can be quite useful even in a mundane sense, because it is very stimulating to the imagination. You will have to be careful however to separate your fantasies from reality. For any kind of artistic or creative effort, this influence can be very useful. It may be very difficult for you to conceal your feelings from others, and perhaps you shouldn’t try. You will need to be yourself now and feel what you really are. You may experience a greater emotional depth than usual within your love relationships, making your experiences more intense. As long as you try not to be too possessive of the other person all should be well. As the week comes to a close however you may find that you become very sensitive emotionally. Just keep in mind that the impressions you received through your sensitivity may not be very accurate. You may have vague feelings about the circumstances and people around you and you may feel very confused, because you’re not sure whether you are being realistic or unduly suspicious and fearful. Misunderstandings with others may arise because you may feel that others have unfairly criticized or hurt you although they have done nothing of the sort. You may feel that someone dislikes you for the flimsiest of reasons. What is really happening is that unconscious complexes are been activated, these may take over your moods and perceptions. Instead of reacting to the reality of what you see you react automatically to the unconscious process set-off by what you see. Try to stay focused on how you began the week; it could do lots for your creativity and self-perception.

Mantra: Focusing on the good.


For the last little while you might have been inclined to think more about your goals and expectations in life. However one of the things you should also think about is whether these goals are really your own or ARIES (1)whether they are a part of other people’s goals that you have adopted for yourself. If they are goals that you have adopted then you will need to decide whether these goals are appropriate for you. You should examine your attitudes towards group ideals and standards and also how you have positioned yourself in groups generally. Tuesday marks the beginning of a time for all kinds of hard mental work. Obstacles will be regarded as challenges, sparing you on to solve the problems you are facing. You will want to speak your mind in order to get your views out into the open. It also marks the beginning of an excellent time for taking some action that depends on impressing someone with your ability and confidence. You may find yourself being bolder and more innovative than you usually are, because you are more willing to take chances, not only with your words but with your thoughts. Use this time to advance notions, theories or ideas that you were previously too shy to express. This week you may not be wiser or more perceptive than you were at other times, however what is different for you is that you are more willing to believe in what you see and what you think.

Mantra: Go for it!


taurus 3

Fixed, hard to change and self-willed are just some of the adjectives used to describe you. Sometimes you may display wilful attitudes that tend to keep you rut-bound, in-adaptable, and uncompromisingly resistant to needed changes taking place in your environment. However these same traits when channelled constructively, supply you with the extra measure of strength and conviction needed for you to sustain your efforts in some “not too obvious” ways. This week you may have to admit that inwardly you could be becoming discordant and uncomfortable with how aspects of your social life and group initiatives are conflicting with your career objectives, how you see the world and how you wish the world to see you. As the week begins some conversation or communication that you have may trigger all of this. “Excessive emotional expenditure “in either communicating, analyzing or selecting,” solely for the purpose of “keeping the peace” may be the culprit behind it all. But fear not by Wednesday a more stabilizing, conserving, and preserving aspect comes into play, and in terms of how you see the world and how you would like the world to see you including aspects of your vocational life you could be stimulated to activate latent resources that you have stored up in deeper unconscious levels.

Mantra: Unearthing and using the talent I find.


gemini twins

This week with a little tact and initiative what you express or create may influence and even inspire other people. Creativity may seem to flow through you as if from a higher source of inspiration or “fired” vision. Within your dealings with others you will assert your position and make it carry, if that is your intention. It is a good week for broadening your understanding through any method that is creative and active. Your confidence is high and this will allow you to listen to others without feeling threatened by their views. There’s no pressure to struggle or to exert yourself in any assertive way in order to strive and achieve. But this is not necessarily a good thing, because the lack of any pressure, strain, or tension might retard the needed impetus to push you into decisive action in a challenging manner that would foster dynamic change. This week you should actively seek creative release through more expensive avenues of collective expression. Make optimism your attracting force for growth.

Mantra: Trusting higher protection and inner guidance.




Sometime between now and Wednesday you will be given the chance to recharge your mind and body for the new cycle coming ahead. Your feelings may be strongly influenced by the larger emotional patterns that dominate your life at the present time. You may experience a burst of energy in which your will, your physical vitality and your emotions all work together in harmony. The split between your mind and your feelings which has often plagued you will not be so noticeable at this time. Group efforts will be favourable because of the greater sensitivity that you have to the feelings of the people around you. The only thing to watch for at the middle of the week is problems that may arise from doing something to an excess. However Thursday you might experience some difficulty in your personal and domestic life. The tension may arise from structures and formations within your ego, along with your sense of individuality and uniqueness being in conflict with your need for connection and roots. You may find it difficult to be yourself and do what you must, as well as maintaining your relationships and getting much-needed emotional support and reinforcement from your loved ones. These elements however are not in conflict. If you give it some thought and attention what you will notice is that they are only in need of being properly balanced with each other.

Mantra: In need of balance


This week the circumstances of your life and your own inner energies are working quite well together. You may be able to share your deeper feelings with another person, with greater sensitivity to the undercurrentsapollo2 wp within your own atmosphere, as well as a knack not for sensing another person’s motives or hidden feelings. Your life as a whole will seem to run smoother this week and whatever you do is likely to come out well. Without any special sense of effort, you may actually be able to make significant progress and get a great deal done. Take advantage of this and accomplish as much as possible. If opportunities arise for further training to expand the range of your experience, you should take it; this might help you to build up a bulwark against possible adversities later on. Use this week to make it well strong and secure against difficulties of the future. Now you are either laying the framework for success that will come in a couple of months or you are capitalizing on some earlier success. In either case you shouldn’t waste this time. The week will require that you live up to obligation and responsibilities. Keep in mind that you are not getting something for nothing. It is also a good time for building up your physical strength rather than wasting it. You also have the opportunity to win recognition from others for your achievements. Employers or others with whom you work will be impressed with your diligence, and you should try to impress them.

Mantra: Making hay while the SUN shines.


chiron 1wp

There may be some issue arising from in your searching for information for the purpose of using it practically. You may not be in the mood for dealing with those who tend to be too abstract, whimsical or vague. That said there might be difficulties in communicating with others because of problems or conflicts arising from differences in viewpoints. However you should not withdraw from intellectual conflict with others, instead you should try to recognize the sources of the conflict and help everyone clarify the problems. By Tuesday there may be some contradiction or dichotomy when another aspect comes into play but nonetheless you may find very useful. You will be equipped with resources and abilities which you may use skilfully, productively and usefully that could result in adequate financial remuneration. You will be able to efficiently and adeptly handle your material world. However this may require some mental work in terms of negotiating and dealing with others. These “others” may be those very people who tend to be “abstract whimsical and vague.” What to do? The key is assertiveness, effort and initiative.

Mantra: Assertiveness effort initiative.



So here’s the deal, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. So what you might’ve been trying to do for the last little while is “eat half” the cake and “have the other half” for some indefinite period of time. But romance, creativity and the will, like time, waits for no man. This week your longing for the beauty, pleasure and the powerful intoxication of your own creativity, your inclination for childlike playfulness, and your need for romance and invention may be pitted against more mundane issues like your job, service to others and your health. With these latter issues you have been fixed on examining the problem of how you should manage your life and what duties and responsibilities that entails. Work, and tasks that needed to be done have necessitated your postponing immediate gratification. However this week you might find yourself asking where that has gotten you. The truth is, you have been uncompromising with certain issues. [Yes you Mr. All compromising Libra]. Maybe you should try to rethink what those issues are and deciding what is better, having the cake or eating the cake!

Mantra: Owning my choices.


hercules, three-headed dog, hell 126439

At some point this week you may have to face some kind of challenge to the structure of your daily life. This may have to do with your home life, intimate relations, or even the routine daily contacts or so forth. The hidden tensions that cause you to operate in ways that you do not understand may surface. This may cause you to feel ill at ease within yourself and may result some difficulty in getting along with others, particularly the opposite sex. Somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday irritability may be high making it more difficult for you to deal with other people’s eccentricities. Small but simultaneous crises may occur that force you to pay attention to what is happening. This may specifically happened with situations and persons that you might’ve been taking for granted. This week may simply be a litmus test for you. If everything is running smoothly in your life you may experience the week simply as a burst of emotional and physical energy that you may use creatively in any way you want. However if there are issues going on in your life, this week may indicate such. Pay attention and take action.

Mantra: Taking nothing for granted.


The week begins with a brief period of good feelings and generosity towards others. You will want to express your self-confidence by being above petty irritations. The energy around you will allow you to get what you give – which is kindness, friendship, and nurturing support. Either by midweek or some point after, you will feel very much in harmony with yourself and will be able to do whatever you have to do single-mindedly. sagittarius 3Your energy at this point is flowing with less resistance and as a consequence, you’re able to relate to people more easily, because those around you perceive your inward harmony and are drawn to you because of it. Needless to say any type of group activity would be well favoured at this time. However you may feel a strong sense to get away from the daily routine and go off somewhere and you may not be entirely conscious of the reasons behind this drive. However physically isolating yourself may cause you to lose opportunities for relating your own interests to the interest of any group that you’re working with. Suffice to say your biggest problem this week may be an inclination to cling to the familiar and the comfortable while wanting to get away from all that. What might solve the problem is for you to break from your routine but not in any radical way.

Mantra: feeling good about changing routine.




There are a few things going on for you this week, so let us see if we can fit it all here. Before midweek you may probably feel quite physically energetic and want to accomplish a great deal. However, your energies may not be working very smoothly, because different areas of your life may be working against each other. You may have to work hard to develop harmony between your home and your professional life, your conscious and unconscious personality, or your mind and feelings. You can accomplish a great deal as long as you don’t get carried away by conflicts in these areas, and for your life to work smoothly now, both sides of these areas must be working together. If you can accomplish this then you may be able to get a lot of mental work done. But, if you can’t accomplish this then, the misunderstandings and difficulties in communicating with others that we mentioned last week will be noticeably intensified. However by Tuesday you will be given a great opportunity to know yourself through your relationship with and effect upon your environment. Whether or not you choose to believe it you are highly disciplined and able to channel all your energies towards any objective you wish to attain. Look at your habits, your home situation, your work or anything else that is important to you and find out how they work on a very practical level. Do not try to be abstract or intellectual. This week you can organize and make an overall plan for the way you would like to order your affairs and then arrange them accordingly. However to accomplish this you will have to make an effort of getting the energies within you to work smoothly, and to work together.
Mantra: Working with myself to accomplish my needs.


uranus 3

Just as the week begins you will have to try very hard and be very careful not to be hasty, jump to conclusions or react negatively to anything that is said to you. There is an independent and rebellious spirit that may be aroused, and you may be inclined to do exactly the opposite of what someone suggest and to reject whatever others say simply because they said it. On its deepest level there is an emotional unrest within you that is likely to disturb your peace of mind as well as your relations with others, especially those who make emotional demands on you. Some of you may not experience the psychological effects of this aspect directly but will encounter it’s symbolism through others or through events. Thus you may experience unexpected emotional upsets or the arrival of erratic or upsetting persons in your life. As if this isn’t bad enough sometime between Tuesday and Thursday you may find that you will have to work really hard to develop some kind of harmony between opposing aspects in your life, mentally psychologically and physically. Opposing or conflicting forces such as your home versus your career, your conscious versus your unconscious, what you see directly in front of you versus what your intuition tells you is true, what you wish to become versus what those around you want you to remain. Try to stay focused, you can accomplish a great deal this week if you don’t get carried away by conflicts in these areas.

Mantra: Becoming what I will be, regardless.

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