Horoscope: March 2 to 8



This week self-knowledge may be difficult but nonetheless essential. It may be difficult for you because you may be presented with aspects of yourself as others see you, and may attempt to incorporate this into your own personality for the purpose of fitting in or [even more accurately stated] blending into your environment. You will have to make an effort to communicate your real needs to others because people you attract may only relate to current projections you make of yourself based on what you think you ought to be. At the present time what you think you “ought to be” may be going through a chameleon phase in which you quiet unintentionally present a wide variety of faces to people. Your compassion for others is also greatly stimulated at this time, and there may be a tendency to want to save others as well. You should avoid having people become improperly dependent on you because that may prevent them from fully realizing themselves.

Mantra: Being myself and defining my separateness



This week you may experience high sexual energies that may no doubt contribute to the physical side of your relationship. But on the same note this type of energy may bring discord, especially if there are any hidden tensions within your relationship. This week all your relationships will be a test or even a learning experience for discovering any ego issues that might be lurking unnoticed between each of you. If you are not currently involved in a sexual relationship you may probably be inordinately attracted to someone without being very discriminating, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, be aware however that at this time starting a relationship may only be based on physical attraction. It is therefore best to enjoy, but wait and see. On a related note, in reference to all your relationships, be aware that minor interpersonal conflicts at this time may be less obvious on the surface. Therefore you will be required to use a more penetrating insight to strengthen your relationships and monitoring any attempts you might make at manipulation or coercion. Be conscious of efforts at remoulding people through subtle power plays, these will be met with mutual antagonism and resentment. This week will be about your relationships in many different areas and the test here will be your ability to tolerate and genuinely accept people as they are.

Mantra: Accepting me, you and us.


taurus 3

The unfortunate combination of the expansive and truth seeking inclination versus asserting the mundane and practical may produce restlessness and preoccupation for you this week. Be mindful of unconsciously pinning all of your hopes on one specific thing. Instead of looking to one thing to be the whole truth, try to approach it with the attitude that you may be offered some version or angle of the truth. Truth versus practicality will be a delicate equilibrium. Jumping to conclusions because something makes practical or logical sense and remaining open because of what you intuitively believe to be so may be at the root of your uneasiness. However here are what you have going for you; for most of the week you have the ability to perceive cosmic significance in the smallest details of your life. On the more mundane level your health might affect your ability to travel.

Mantra: What is true and what is practical can be inclusive



gemini twins

As the week begins, feeling conflicted, will actually help you to achieve conscious rational expression. Being inconvenienced will be the catalyst for your talking with friends, acquaintances and even neighbours about matters that affect you and them. Before midweek you would be well advised to take a larger view of your life in order to see how the various parts fit together to make up the whole. Interesting phenomenon from the world outside your own is likely to attract your attention; these include subjects relating to finances, the law, philosophy or higher knowledge of any kind. It is also good for you to cement your views about abstract ideas, general philosophy and approaches to life especially during conversations or communications with others. After Wednesday this may all change as a new dynamic comes into play, when easy communication with others turn into difficult ones because of problems arising from serious conflicts of viewpoints. Your inclination or desire to stand back and look at it all from a distance with a higher perspective will be seriously challenged by the requirements of others or even of yourself, for you to pay close attention to details and manage the mundane and routine and responsibilities of daily living. It may all boil down to proof versus faith or more likely… lack of proof versus doubt.

Mantra: Making note of what I truly believe



Sudden changes in mood or emotional impulsiveness may make it difficult for you to hide certain facts or facets about yourself. Even if you have reservations about emotional displays in public as the week begins you may find it difficult not to indulge in such displays. Be aware of a particular vulnerability for arguments in public that might be initiated by sudden or unexpected surprises or occurrences. On Tuesday hopes and ideals around partnerships and relationships may produce feelings of jealousy or possessiveness however this is only likely to happen if you previously have a tendency of being jealous or possessive. Your domestic environment may be coloured with a period of testing and/or confrontation and will point out the tensions in those relationships. Your own inward unconscious drives maybe mirrored in someone else’s actions as well. All these events cause you to feel a little bit alienated by Thursday. However the feelings of alienation as you may discover, could have been caused by you neglecting your own emotional and psychological needs. Pay some attention and you will notice that your focus has mainly been on the group, including your circle of friends and your career, to the neglect of your own personal needs.

Mantra: My needs are also important


At least up until midweek there will be subtle energies at work that can help you make many creative changes in your life. It is a chance to act [and the importance word here is “act”] more effectively than at other times. There is an attraction of fortunate experiences in your everyday environment that could help you to gather practical and factual knowledge about your body your health your work and your service in general that you can use to your personal advantage. However the requirement to take advantage of all of this is for you to make conscious effort and grab at the chance when it arrives. Now is a good time to establish good relations Leo apollowith authority figures such as bosses, employers and other officials. Working with groups or organizations may also provide creative opportunities. It is important for you to realize that this feature will not last forever. Do not become distracted by hurtful or painful experiences of the past which could cause you to become preoccupied in trying to correct or fix intimate relationships that are no longer relevant. Be aware of being prone to sentimentality and pay attention to what is relevant and at the moment in front of you.

Mantra: Reaching out and taking possession of my chances


You’re nearing the end of a phase of inward preparation and self-encounter that began some time ago. However this could be in direct conflict with your being much more attentive to the details of your external environment. The results could be a tendency for the mind to overwork. In one sense you want to know a virgo healerlittle something about everything while in another sense you want to know as much as possible about a few things. If you put this together what you could come up with is someone who wants to know as much as possible about everything. Your challenge this week may be to be discriminating not only in terms of what you take in but also in terms of what you let out. Conflicts arising from differences in viewpoints may cause you to withdraw. Keep in mind however that the conflicts might be internal in nature, and could be due to your incorporating every single opinion which has left no room for your own.

Mantra: My views are equally important


balance aries libra

We are born separate and unique individuals, but to what degree does the home life support, or quash our budding individuality? This could be the major question that you will have to deal with this week. The desire to be active in your life and to work hard in order to further your own interests and assert yourself among others may have to be quelled in order to maintain specific familial relationships. You could be required to act or to make a decision that might disrupt the equilibrium within your home life this week. You may have to decide what it is you want as well as what you willing to give up. Balancing the two might not be an option, therefore it might become quite necessary for you to be explicit about what it is you want and how you can go about getting it with as little disruption as possible. Very soon the same issues will arise over your security needs and your desire for creative expression. Coming to some consensus with yourself and within your relationships about your sense of individuality, and the responsibilities that you have to family, could allow you to be better able to define your own sense of worth, power and importance based on how you see your creative and individual needs.

Mantra: My creative needs could be my most important needs



This week, or at least up until the middle of the week you’ll be able to make changes in your immediate environment and to reform circumstances that you have been unhappily contending with for some time. Seize opportunities that could wield creative power for the benefit of all, realizing that any benefit for you should only be incidental. It is a good time to clean up any situation that has become disordered or confused, such as clearing up difficult personal situations, to things as mundane as cleaning the house. But even on the more elevated level you may be given a unique opportunity to sweep away all the old and outworn structures that you have built up in your life and be able to do so in a very creative way. You may also have to confront the power of the group and may even find it necessary to align or realign your own intentions to match those of the collective i.e. friends, neighbours or coworkers and business associates. Not to worry all this will probably work out to your advantage. Finally you may have a concern with deeper thinking, a feeling that the superficial aspects of life may not be adequate. You may want to get to the bottom of whatever problem you’re working on and you will work carefully to investigate leaving no stone unturned. Look into yourself, another opportunity you are given this week has to do with personal transformation.

Mantra: Investigating me


sagittarius 3

Your focus may be on some of the things that you hold dear within your most intimate personal life, like your family, your parents, your roots and your home. It could be quite advantageous at this time to focus your attention inward, not only inward to your personal life, but also inward in a psychological sense. This is a time for subjective consciousness; feeling exactly where you are with respect to the world and getting in touch with your own deepest levels. Take some time during the week to go off by yourself and spend time in contemplating or meditation. Events that occurred in the past may come back to you now through memories and through consequences of those events that continue to affect you even now. This week there is an opportunity for you to find out what affects your past, your upbringing and experiences of your family have had upon you. You may recognize conflicts between what you possess and value versus what another person holds dear. The obsession with the face value of something versus looking underneath to detect the hidden and even spiritual and broader significance may come into play. You may also have the opportunity to observe the dark and light forces that may be battling within your psyche. You should use this opportunity now, because in about a month’s time this may present itself again but may be a lot more challenging.

Mantra: Time to discover the different part of me


capricorn 1

This week you may not find it easy to communicate with others; either you will have difficulty being understood, or you will give a more negative impression than you intended. There may be some delay or even misunderstandings in negotiations or business transactions. Your idealism especially to do with friends may be shifting or could be out of touch with a down-to-earth value system that seems to be in focus at the present time. Concerns with criticisms have become burdensome and could even lead to a depressed mood or pessimism. All this could be happening because your need to establish clear individual boundaries may be in conflict with the urge for a wider group membership and to feel like you belong. Watch out for becoming too strongly attached to achieving certain goals and objectives that employing excessive force could be an option. Try not to cling too tenaciously to ideas. However more positively this week you will possess a practical sense and ability to realize your hopes and wishes.

Mantra: Practically driven


uranus 4

Things that have been unseen or hidden in your unconscious might be coming to light. Actions or statements may be appreciated at their face value …or… may be felt to be cloaking less obvious feelings or motivations. You may be perceiving many levels of reality at once, which may account for either an uncanny insight into people and situations or a great deal of mental confusion. The conflict here could be between weather to believe what you hear and see or what you sense and feel. These kinds of mixed messages may become more common during interactions with siblings, cousins, or anyone in your immediate and every day environment. Resolving pass issues, some of an inherited or even ancestral nature, with relatives or people in your close surroundings may enable you to relate more naturally to those around you. There is an opportunity to vastly increase your capacity for making decisions and your ability to clearly perceive your life by unearthing and confronting deep-rooted unconscious complexes. This may require you to face some previously hidden enemies one of which could be yourself.

Mantra: Facing what I must in order to be me

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