Horoscope: Feb 23 to March 1



One of two things or both are very possible for you this week. First of all your awareness will be greatly stimulated often in ways that are difficult to understand rationally. You may become more sensitive to other people, and you may seem to know how they feel intuitively. At the same time you may be more concerned with their benefit and less with your own. Therefore this week is a good time for any activity in which you help people as an individual or through an institution or charity. On the other hand some of the things that you have to watch for this week are that ego denying quality that enables you to identify with and help others may also manifest itself as a feeling of psychological weariness and an inability to cope. You may be tempted to flee the everyday universe and go off into some private world of your own. A harmless manifestation of this would be daydreaming which is highly possible this week. But it may also present itself as a full-scale effort to evade reality. That said it is important to keep your feet well planted on the ground, avoid any kind of substance that would take you away from reality. If you do feel the need to withdraw from routine confrontation with the real world, you would get the most benefit from going off by yourself to meditate and contemplate instead of escaping.

Mantra: Pulling up my sleeves.



As the week progresses and going even into next week you will find yourself being better able to combine the proponents of your will – your  “organ of the future” and the proponents of memories– “your  organ of the past” in transforming, and moving from just “relationships” to “intimate sharing relationships.” But not so fast, before all of this happens there are a few things you need to pay attention to now. Hidden parts of your psyche and even some hidden unconscious “memory” of past hurts may cause not-well-thought-out actions that force you into an awareness of yourself in relation to another. You may be pressured into using your penetrating insight to strengthen your union rather than to attempt to manipulate or coerce. Your ability to tolerate and genuinely accept people as they are may be tested. By Wednesday or Thursday a new dynamic may come into play and you may find it challenging if not just difficult to balance the desire for a nice and easy relationship, with your own personal self-assertive drives. Pay attention to whether this drive is compensatory and based either on memories of hurts from the past or an unwillingness to positively apply your will to the future.

Mantra: Positive application



This week you may see the practicality in taking a broader perspective of your relationships. This could allow you to use the experience that has been gathered in attempting to formulate some conclusions about the meaning of those same relationships. Human beings seem to require meaning, and this week that meaning for you will require that you ask yourself what the relationship can do for each of you. At this time love romance and affection may be subordinate to what you consider real and practical needs. All your relationships especially your intimate ones and especially the ones you have that are based on hopes and ideals are stable, and you’re not just seeing the whole picture you are seeing the whole picture in a practical and sensible way. Starting Wednesday you may try to assert your individuality feeling that you’re giving too much and are getting back too little. And you will also be inclined to defer tomorrow’s pleasures for today’s work. The practical overview that you saw the week begin with may slowly change into a delicate equilibrium, easily upset. It is the perfect time for you to define all relationships, what you want from each other and what you’re willing to give. It is a good time also for you to establish your relationships on real terms. The more real your relationships are now, the better they will survive crisis.

Mantra: Real relationships.



This week taking a larger view of your life in order to see how the various parts of it fit together to make up the whole will have interesting emotional interruptions. It may be a good time to travel whether physically or mentally, to your past, and take a broader perspective. You might experience an increase in the tempo of your social intercourse. Verbalizing your feelings will be easy. In any situation that you cannot handle at this time, getting another’s viewpoint will help you. News from friends, letters and phone calls will be high this week because of how you seem to be attracting communication from every conceivable corner of your life. By Thursday you will have to watch for your rational and logical mind being strongly influenced by your moods, which could either be positive or negative, depending on how much you were able to express your emotions as the week begun.

Mantra: Internal expression



Being touch with your own feelings and with the feelings of the people you encounter will be how you start your week. It is a very good time to look into yourself and examine your psychological state because of how able you are at the moment to communicate your emotions, especially to yourself. Tuesday may bring a very different dynamic. You could find yourself caught between raw and urgent emotions on the one hand and light loving affection on the other. As the week goes on you will be quite capable of reasoning well, but pure reason and logic alone cannot communicate all that you want to express. It will therefore be required that you communicate on all levels and with other aspects of yourself as well as with your mind. Thursday and Friday requires that you stay grounded one moment you may be unsure of where you are in terms of your relationships at other moments you will be very sure, your challenge will be to stay the course.
Mantra: Staying the course


Leo apollo

Your sensitivity and compassion for the people around you will become very noticeable specifically to you. For the next few days you may be inclined to be more concerned about ultimate meanings. In so doing you may subordinate your own ego drives to the needs of others, feeling that what benefits them is as important as what benefits you. This week the normal energy that your ego drives require to sense its own particular identity may be re-channelled and it may not always be apparent where this energy is going. Any fatigue that you experienced this week may be because of this. Feelings of psychological fatigue may also occur; you may feel futile or ineffectual. Try not to be too disappointed in, or sorry for yourself. Substance related vices may be difficult to handle at this time, in fact drugs in general may be a problem. You will have to try very hard to not come across or appear as something other than whom or what you really are. Deciding on whether or not to deceive the people around you will depend on your own morality. By Thursday your creative potential will return and you will be able to accomplish a great deal that would otherwise be difficult.

Mantra: For myself and for others


virgo healer

This week one or all of the following may be quite apparent. You might have noticed that you have become very sensitive to your environment in a very physical way, allergies, skin conditions, or any number of annoying health issues. You could also be having problems with making things work out right. Not to worry if you have prepared properly you will succeed. Still on another level you may be experiencing hurts and disappointments due to other people’s oversight. All of these things are however related. It may have to do with the fact that you want everything to be as perfect as possible. You plan carefully and work out everything in advance because you do not want to be caught by surprise. But the truth is you’re rarely ever caught by surprise, and in fact you may need to let up a little. Being caught by surprise isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Keeping your stomach constantly in a knot is not helping your situation. Everything does not have to make sense 100% of the time, sometimes you will just have to be content to go with the flow and trust.

Mantra: Allowing



This week you will tend to put a very practical set of values on family and on relationships with relatives and so on. It is a good time to make time, to observe your private self your inner thoughts and feelings the world, your private life and the things that are inexplicably you. For most of the week at least until midweek you will not be inclined to blow anything out of proportion. For this reason it is a good time to look at close family relationships, because at the moment each party will be concerned about what each expect, and the people closest you, will be willing to live up to agreements that are made. By Wednesday however you may experience a very different dynamic. Asserting yourself and your needs and establishing with others how you want to be seen may increase in importance. Having a peaceful and balanced home environment may conflict with the work that is required of you to further your own is interests. As the weekend gets closer you will find this tendency increasing. Be mindful of attracting incidental conflicts.

Mantra: practical self-interest.



For the past little while you’ve been dealing with periods of self-denial, when you don’t seem to get credit for anything you do and always have to stay in the background. You may have also been experiencing vague feelings of irritability and uneasiness due to repressed energies within you, so subtle that you are not even aware of them. A period is coming to an end where unconscious self-defeating actions were causing you to make the wrong impression. Your efforts of self-assertion were undermined by behaviours and behavior patterns that you were not even aware of. One of the lessons you were being taught was to become completely conscious of yourself and your self-defeating acts. Periods of seclusion were to teach you the power and importance of relationships. One of your lessons this week is to find some way of dealing with the desire for an easy relationship and the need to be self-assertive.

Mantra: Deciding which are more important, my needs or my desires.



This week you should try to use the harmonic energy that is allotted to you to accomplish something useful for yourself within your domestic and private life and relationships. Last week you may have gone through some type of emotional upheaval or might have sensed it, this week you may be able to enjoy some good feelings but try not to let the week slip away. Enthusiasm, optimism and buoyancy will enable you to project energies into the environment that will help your affairs work out as you want. But this is only on the assumption of some effort extended on your part. It is very easy this week for you to look around you and not want to exhibit or extend any effort to do anything, because everything seems so relaxed and easy. And they are! But not to use your ability at this time to see your life as a whole, to take stock of what you are doing and to see how it fits your real needs would be a wasted opportunity. Trying out new activities or looking out for new opportunities will help you to understand the overall pattern operating for you at this time. Keep in mind however that the benefits you draw at this time are not “dumb luck” it will be a result of effort and preparation.

Mantra: Used opportunity



This week you’ll be able to see in a positive way the duties and obligations that you have to live up to in your relationships. Group standards and ideals will be more important to you this week and you’ll work to further those ideals. You may begin to notice that the reality of your emotional relationships is extremely important to you. You want relationships that are real, and it is a good time to sit with your loved ones or the people you care about and arrived at the conclusion or a conscious understanding of what you expect from each other. Use this opportunity to do this, later you may have difficulty relating to these same people, feeling cool and reserve towards them because you did not use this chance to express yourself. Because of your positive concerned with practical reality it is especially a good time for commercial dealings or to be involved with art and other forms of beauty. If you are creative this week is a good time to indulge in creative activity that demands close attention to detail. You may also find yourself attracted to mature friendships; it is a good time to seek counsel within these relationships.

Mantra: The needs if the many



As you continue to face the conflict between your very different and very revolutionary thinking, verses on one side… a deeply formed inherited psyche rooted in well establish ancestral patterns and on the other side… the desire to be free from the constraints of a physical and practical environment. You will find that though it might be a great time to express your feelings and emotions, it might not be such a favourable time for reasoned logical communication. What this means is that it could be difficult to share your state of mind with anyone who doesn’t happen to be in the same mood as you are. It is quite likely that you will want to talk about matters that are personally important to you and that have affected your life and personal level. The problem that you will encounter when you try to do this is easily explained by what we spoke of at the beginning of this paragraph and that is, the conflict that you are experiencing regarding things pertaining to your ancestry and roots versus the desire to be free from the constrains of your physical environment both of which being  in direct conflict with you new and what seem to most to be your suddenly different way of thinking about you own ego and individuality. .

Mantra: Allowing myself to be free

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