Horoscope: Feb 16 to 22nd




As the SUN dawns on the horizon of Pisces a grand Square fills the heavens and four God communicate their differences and their grievances. This can be especially restrictive and self-limiting for you if you show little capacity for self-discipline and moderation in life. You may have to struggle under somewhat frustrating conditions, most of your own making, that may serve to force you to learn to properly direct your vital energies, or run the risk of becoming scattered and drained. But this is only the theme of what is going on. The worldly effects are apparent, and as luck would have it you will be particularly sensitive to this for the next little while. In that time you might get a clearer picture of what is going on inside of you, from the news or even the weather. Keep in mind however that this is not really who or what you are, but at this time you’re much attuned to your universe. Wait a minute you’re a Pisces, wasn’t that what you always wanted?

Tuesday signifies for PISCES the beginning of a cycle. This week the thing to pay attention to is emotional excitability. Inklings of romantic imaginings may cause over rationalization of your concepts and some real self-deception. However group activities or activities with friends, or any kind of organizational endeavour might well serve to help you recognize and even identify your own objectives. Here, you will feel secure in yourself and willing to help the group achieve its objectives. It is  incredible what selfless giving can do, the important thing is not to leave the room because there is too much suffering, this week you are required to pull your sleeves up and attempt to do something about it.
Mantra: Facing




Waiting to exhale? This week you may finally go ahead and do that. Your attention should be focused on social groups, social events, your circle of friends, as well as your dreams, your ideals and your wishes for the future. If your plan for the week was to lock yourself away and spend time alone, change it! This week there is a lot that you can learn from your social environment, their importance and the role they play in your life. You will experience, pleasant almost effortless shifts in your mental focus. However do not take these for granted, this week you must pay attention to your casual interchanges with the world around you. It is extremely important to see how they operate for you. The knowledge that you can gain from these can be extremely useful. Let us talk a little bit about what all of “these” are. One of the first things you will notice that is in contradiction to what I just said is that you may find it easy to be yourself, as well as working alone for your own benefit. It is not that you’re feeling hostile or resentful of others becoming involved in your work but that you not want to be dependent upon others for support or encouragement. Surprise, surprise! You’re an Aries! However it is a good time for all kinds of hard mental work. You will not be easily discouraged by apparent obstacles and may even regard them as challenges encouraging you to solve the problems you are facing. You will want to speak your mind, not to start a fight but to get your views out into the open. You will feel confident of your beliefs and not fearful of letting others know where you stand. The plans made this week are bolder and more innovative than usual. Your perceptiveness is no greater than usual, but you are more willing to believe in what you see. Now, go back to the top of this reading and relate all of these things to what was mentioned there, do that and you will learn a lot this week.
Mantra: From where I stand I see…


venus vuloptuous

Pay close attention to, and be very cognizant of the judgments you make regarding your social surroundings as well as how these affect, or are affected by your own ideals and hopes. Be careful of trying to mould your social surroundings according do your own social vision of how things should ideally be. You may experience some agitation by the realization that what you want to accomplish has a limited workability for the environment in which you have found yourself. The truth is that this tension is likely due to and underlying sense that there is something more to be experienced even beyond the ideal social cooperation. On a psychological level your need to lay down the lonely burden of material existence and experience the bliss of union with something greater, is more than likely what is going on. Take a minute and contemplate this possibility; you could be confusing your philosophy with your hopes. They might seem the same but they’re very different. Your philosophy is very personal and applies only to you; your hopes on the other hand even though very personal can be projected onto your environment including the people around you. Think about the implications of this.
Mantra: Looking inward looking outward



The whys and wherefores of your existence, seeking the truth and trying to fathom the underlying pattern of the basic laws that governs your life may be in focus this week. Present and painless conclusions may be drawn about how to integrate with your inner center, your home, and even the roots of your being. The same may not be said about the invading thoughts of not feeling special or recognized for your creative and or artistic endeavours. However if you do not get too down on yourself you could learn a lot about how to express yourself in the best possible way but this requires work and will not be as effortless as finding your center. The reason for this is that the things that at other times bring you joy and the lightness of feeling might seem a little bit burdensome for a few days this week. And you will have to take care of these matters because they will not take care of themselves. For example children may become a heavy responsibility for some reason; love affairs may become quite difficult, especially if they do not allow your newly centered self to be expressed. You might be tempted to become parental to your partner or the reverse may happen where your partner seems too parental. This is probably the conflict at hand, try to recognize where it’s coming from and clarify the problem instead of withdrawing from it that should help you get on with your week.
Mantra: Clarity and center


High priestess

The week begins as an excellent time for communicating with others about your domestic, personal and emotional life. However you will notice that your emotions are quiet and it might be a good time for you and a loved one to be alone together, quietly. That said however if you must deal with groups of people, this is probably the time to do it. Before midweek your need to retire by yourself to your own private space will experience several conflicting influences. First your emotions will become empowered, you may begin to feel them and emphatically be more in touch with them and therefore want to establish empathetic relationships with others; to hear their problems, to help out and to play a productive role towards them if possible, and interestingly this is seen from an egocentric view. Not too much in line with wanting to be by yourself is it? Then there are the intense emotional experiences that you may have with partners or within one-to-one relationship. And on top of all of this there is a sense of an erratic change occurring in your professional life as well. You may not have a clue about what to concentrate on first… for the time being… go with the flow.
Mantra: I wonder as I wander


apollo 1

Get some pencil and paper or some type of recording device this week you will need to take notes. The week might be clairvoyance but it will not be clear. Before midweek you will have moved your attention from 1 to 1 relationships, partnerships etc. to consciously directing your attention on the subtler aspects of your psyche, your feelings and emotions and your general psychological health, not to mention issues of trust and intimacy. By midweek a couple of things come into play. On the one hand your sensitivity and compassion for the people around you are greatly increased, allowing you to be helpful to others in many ways. Being so in touch with your surroundings may make you inclined to subordinate your own ego drives to the needs of others, to feel that what benefits them is as important as what benefits you. However if this is all done unconsciously without your awareness of where this energy is going then you may experience psychological fatigue, feeling disappointed in, or even sorry for yourself. It is extremely important for you to pay attention to your environment in order not to lose sight of who you are and most importantly where you are. Again get some pencil and paper or a recording device.

Mantra: I am right here right now.



The week could be marked with difficulties in communicating with others and with problems arising from a serious conflict of viewpoints. You will find that other people will challenge how you communicate your ideas and your opinions to them. Disappointments could bring you to the point of considering severing some relationships, but it would NOT be advisable to do this. Be careful of using a permanent solution to solve a temporary problem. Okay so you may feel gloomy and you may feel like withdrawing from communicating with others altogether. But here’s a thought! What if instead of withdrawing from intellectual conflict with others, you should try to recognize the sources of the conflict and help everyone clarify the problems. Unlike Leo [proceeding chart] what you are experiencing is real, the differences between you and others are real. The fact that others feel called upon to challenge your ideas could mean that they are fixed practical and clear. You may feel as if you’re in a position where you have to defend or justify what you believe and think, but it could be that you have become just a “tad” too rigid over the past little while. MERCURY is in retrograde and you are given the chance to have a second look at this and figure out if your ideas and opinions are broad enough to encompass all of your experiences. If they’re not then this week could be a time for some mental reconstruction. And just on another note wear a scarf this week and keep warm and dry.

Mantra: Communicating outward



While the week is still just barely beginning you may be pillowed by a warm cuddly “stay at home” feeling. Well that won’t last… “Nothing gold can stay”… Those are not my words. So this week, what is going to come in the way of your peaceful time at home?  Yes, things are still interfering with that aren’t they? So this week, the culprits are your health and your work! Confucius says “the man who loves his job never works again his life,” but he said nothing about the man or woman for that matter  who is disappearing inside a job they don’t necessarily love. “The need to lay down the lonely burden of material existence and experience the bliss of union with something greater” is alive and well… to some extent… in all of us. After all it IS the spiritual imperative. But this is a bit contradictory isn’t it? We are talking about your “Job” that you “don’t” love. And yes you probably do like your job. But if you think about it this isn’t even really about your job it’s about attention that is due to an underlying sense that there is something more to be experienced even beyond ideal Social Corporation “your perfect job.” Stay grounded do not over rationalize your concepts, you may have a tendency to allow ideal abstracts to override the tangible human factor. Monitor premature or hasty judgments if sudden turnabuous or unexpected minor obstacles due to the unexpected actions of others present themselves. And consider this… What may be getting in the way of some peaceful time at home, is you.
Mantra: getting out the way.


pluto dog

Your week quickly turns into one of “Freudian slips” but if you pay close attention to what you’re saying and how you’re saying it there is a lot to be learned. “Whatever you hide from others you will also hide from yourself, “and if that keeps happening things eventually will tend to slip out. This week you won’t necessarily change anything, but you will be able to observe or identify the old and outworn structures in your life and even by some flash of brilliance start developing ideas to sweep them away. Another thing you might get a glimpse at is the deep and penetrating nature of your analytical and concrete mind balancing the “broad” nature of your abstract intuitive thought processes. You could learn a lot about how you think and feel and how to adequately express those thoughts and feelings. And all this compulsive behaviour is because your emotions have acquired so much momentum. Emotional self-analysis could be very effective at this time as long as you’re willing to be honest. Encounters with others may be another factor that may force emotional self-confrontation which though may not be very pleasant could be quite useful. Emotional power struggles with others may be another trigger and you could be either the perpetrator or the victim. Pay attention the week could be quite enlightening.

Mantra: Listening to myself



Starting just before midweek, Triggered by some need to have emotional contact with friends, social groups or even ideals, you may get a good look into your ability to get along with the social and economic system in which you live and to make it work for you. You could get some insight into what might be needed to better handle your relationship with the system. If you maintain a realistic attitude towards the way the world works you may even get a chance to take advantage of some real opportunities that are happening around you. However you need to be clear about your limitations and more importantly the limitations of others. Be very cognizant of how you demonstrate your respect for the individual rights of others. Even meetings and encounters with old friends and loved ones may show you more about your development and its possible paths. You could gain a greater understanding of the truth in your world.

Mantra: The truth in my world


saturn 3

How valuable to you is the nature of your casual interchange with the world around you? But casual does not mean unimportant; it means simply, something you are so used to, you do not see its effects. Sometimes we get so hung up about how other people’s words affect us that we forget to consider how our words affect them. This week you may be given a chance to witness how intelligence, insight into human nature, and expressing inner truths could operate in your life. The conflict here lays where it’s been for the last little while; the task of integrating your individual self with some kind of group expression and hoping that you have prepared enough to attain your ideals. The answer for resolving this conflict could simply be this: allow your communications to be “casual” trust that you communicate intelligence and insightfulness, be assured that the inner truths that you express are operating within your life.
Mantra: Trusting and integrating.



If you blink you might miss the emotional excitability that could cause you to jump to unwarranted conclusions  about matters involving your emotional life, specifically relating to siblings, in-laws communication and [since MERCURY is in retrograde] miscommunication. Needless to say you should avoid making any decisive moves at this time. Notwithstanding this might trigger some other important things. As the middle of the week gets closer you will find yourself very centered on two “unfortunate combinations,” transformation through upheaval, And the fact that this “upheaval” could be your  doing because of restlessness and impatience with restrictions. It was Pres. Kennedy who said “it is better to light a candle than sit and curse the dark” you have more control over your situation than you think. You just need to calm down and keep in mind that the different parts of yourself regardless of how contradicting they are, are still parts of who you are, and need to be integrated. Accept everything it’s all you.
Mantra: A sailboat goes faster when the wind blows across it than behind it.

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