Horoscope: Feb 9 to 15



You have never considered yourself a shallow person, and the truth is; you are not. However you may be required to go a lot deeper than you expected in order to discover the “itch” in your consciousness that you can’t quite put your finger on. It is clear that you have a grasp of the bigger picture, even though it might be conflicting to what you see in front of you at the present moment. And what is in front of you and in your immediate environment seems to be in contradiction to something else that is within your psyche, a tiny whisper that keeps saying “this is not the whole story.” Now we do not need to have a conversation about the accuracy of your intuition, you are an Aquarius you know what I’m talking about. Therefore let’s go straight to the point… that “whisper” and the “tension” is about the process of clearing away old and hidden psychic garbage which must happen before the next step that you have correctly intuited is coming, begins to form. Going back to where we started; you are not a shallow person, you have never been and you never will be. However what is required of you at this time, is for you to dig deeper, you will need to go beyond your ego and probably into places that make you uncomfortable in order to find out what your real purpose is and where to go from here. Here is a hint on where to start… Yours is a battle between the “old” wanting to remain in place the “new” wanting immediate, aggressive change and the free that would rather leave it all behind and be “out there!”

Mantra: Coping with my own uniqueness while integrating with convention.



At this time self-knowledge may be difficult but it is essential. In the background there is this vague almost inaudible need to lay down the lonely burden of material existence and experience the bliss of union with something greater. This “something greater” could be anything from God to the family, children, partner, or even work. At this time you’re going through psychic changes that may confuse you, and will certainly confuse others. On A personal level, at the moment you could possess a remarkable ability to fool yourself, and to follow what you believe to be “truth” into a bed of confusion and self-deception. For most of this week you will be left to your own devices. Your perceived connection between different spheres of knowledge and different levels of reality will be left solely to your judgment. There is a lot that can be gained but that will depend on how well you can examine yourself with greater objectivity and detachment than usual.

Mantra: Separating what is observed form what is believed.



The week begins with you asserting yourself in a positive manner, standing your ground if necessary, and feeling more courage and confidence than usual, which you express by taking the initiative in making emotional contact with others. For a limited amount of time you will have the capacity to start projects, therefore try not to start anything that might outlast your energy. However As the week progresses this feeling may change and you may begin to find it easier to work alone and for your own benefit. Physical activity around this time will not only be good for your body but will also reinforce your mind and spirit. Your life may be filled with the projects that you have begun at various times. You may not have been aware of some of their significance, unconscious or not, these projects are important nonetheless. With Mercury in retrograde, now is a good time to take stock of them and to examine what state they are in. If you’re not clear about what you were doing, try to find out. Questions about what motivates you and what you’re trying to accomplish could be very important this week. A few things you should try deciding this week is; what projects to bring to a climax. This week you could make adjustments to imbalances that have developed. Also you should strive not only to be yourself, but to know who “yourself” is.

Mantra: Catching up and making it worth my while.



Around mid-week incidental conflicts or indirect obstacles may arise in matters to do with your goals and expectations. Feelings of being inconvenienced in some way by groups, social organizations of which you are a part, obligations or even your circle of friends, may develop. For the next few days you will be required to examine your ideals to find out exactly how well they have served you and to what extent you have attained them. The incidental conflicts and indirect obstacles referred to above maybe serving as a psychological warning flag, indicating where you are becoming congested in your attitudes and unwisely stubborn concerning the need for personal change. You may be required to think about whether your goals are really your own or whether they are a part of someone else’s goals that you have adopted for yourself. If the latter is the case then you will have to decide if these goals are appropriate for you. Conflicts and obstacles may be indicating that your attachment to habit is being challenged for the benefit of your growth.

Mantra: Identifying what is truly mine.


hermes 5

This week is an excellent time to put your mental abilities on matters of your career or study and reflect and how these two things might be related or could be made to work with or for each other. You should make plans or reflect on your professional life or the equivalent area of your life, which is any activity you pursue that establishes your ego expression within your larger environment. At this time you are very capable of actively and even aggressively pursuing study that could bring these two things together because you are intellectually eager for knowledge and new experiences. By midweek you will want to take a larger view of your life in order to see how the various parts of it fit together to make up the whole. To get the most from this consciousness expanding experience this week you should expose yourself to life as different from your own as possible. For the next few days you’re quite open to alternative lifestyles so try to encounter as many different ways of living as you can.

Mantra: Seeking consciousness expanding experiences.


cancer in myth

The week may begin with you experiencing your surroundings with greater emotional intensity than usual, feeling everything more strongly and deeply. Your need to belong and to relate to your friends and loved ones may be overshadowed by emotional tensions that you might have been suppressing for a while. If you don’t get too rattled by this you may notice that your day is more interesting than usual and there is a possibility of fascinating exchanges between yourself and others. Your affections could be aroused and that could make you willing to give and receive love. You should however be mindful of excesses. Intermittent frustration about communicating intimacy might occur. Illusions or confusions around spiritual dogma, emotional manipulations or obsessions around partnerships may cause frustrations that centers on your own value system or on the things you consider valuable, these may include money. You may feel as if you’re at the fork in the road, this is only a feeling, you’re not required to choose one or the other you are required to integrate them.

Mantra: Integrating instead of separating



apollo 1

Two very different things could be happening with you this week one positive and one negative but both center on you learning more about yourself through partnerships, relationships and intimate one-to-one encounters with others. On the negative side, factors in your outside world may challenge you strongly, and it may seem difficult for you to maintain your freedom of action in whatever it is you’re trying to do. Because of discouragement and low vitality that you may be feeling, it is best not to struggle to hard against adversity until just before the middle of the week, when a second boost of energy will occur. At that time, with some effort you will feel less need to struggle because you know your normal energies will carry you through any situation. Again, with effort you can initiate all kinds of it activity, and with MERCURY going retrograde it would be a good idea for you to work on projects that you have started sometime earlier. Please note however that this will require effort on your part otherwise the negative aspects that started the week may last throughout the week. It is your choice.

Mantra: Choosing to get up and “do” when it is time to get up and “do”


chiron wounded 2

As the week begins, and in terms of your relationships partnerships or close encounters, you are likely to feel a little bit scrambled and not be quite sure of what you think about said relationships. It is a good idea not to try to organize or structure your relationships at the moment, at least not until midweek when this effect becomes a little bit less prominent. By midweek you are more likely to be giving more thought to things like your health or work and at this time you are more likely to pay greater attention to detail. As MERCURY goes retrograde it is probably a very good time for you to think about your health and work anyways. Reflect on past attitudes towards these things and see what improvements can be made in terms of how one, (your work) relates to the other (your health). Remember you are a VIRGO believing that these two things are not intimately related would be to purposely deceive yourself. it is important for you as this time to listen to your body.

Mantra: Making the link between what’s out there and what’s in here. 



This week the inclination to use your mind for amusement and playfulness and to bring out some if your childlike qualities may conflict with the need for yourself or others to enjoy more peaceful time at home. On the one hand you feel neither self-assertive and outgoing nor shy and withdrawn. However ideas that come into your head might cause you to play with people for your own amusement. You might not see any reason for this but these may initiate conflicts especially within the family setting. This might leave you feeling a bit “inconvenienced “because you really don’t see the conflict. If this occurs there should be a warning flag, indicating that you may be coming a bit congested because of attachments to  particular habits. Investigate whether you can identify ways of redirecting such fictional energies by controlling self-will, harnessing and mastering emotional expressions.

Mantra: Knowing the balance between “being” fun and “having” fun


pluto dog

With the application of much intelligence and inventiveness, you could discover the roots of your painful experiences and the unconscious ways in which you re-create your childhood hurts now in your adult life. Usually our tendency to hold on to things of the past, although painful, is due to an unconscious but well established security need. This week you can obtain some helpful information about that pattern, and with effort [Applying some intelligence and inventiveness] be able to discover how much of a part you play in your own wounds, and realize that the only way to healing is to stop “self-wounding” behaviour. This week you may be given a very rare opportunity of bringing to an end or even destroying the things that you have outgrown specifically; behavioural habits that seem to cause you pain and/or disappointment.

Mantra: Moving forward through pain.


sagittarius 2

Magnetism involves receptivity, which in turn requires your interior focus. This focus may manifest itself as creative insight, visions of ideal expression, or a full awareness of factors that produce true harmony and artistic synthesis. Interesting enough these may actually come from past wounds that you may have been especially sensitive to. You may be given a rear chance to work through a lot of these if you can see beyond the tensional distractions that are happening around you at the moment. Many times hurts, or our sensitivities, promote a creative flair, dramatic self-display or active demonstration of talent. It is a good time to share personal intimate details of yourself with someone close. Be careful of instinctively shunning whatever requires hard work and self-discipline.

Mantra: Inner focus and reflection; increasing the power of visualization.


cornucopia 2

While reflecting on your values and the things that you value, as well as examining your relationship to the resources of your life, you might be wondering how much self-gratification do you owe to yourself, and what duties and responsibilities do you owe to others? And therein lays the conflict this week. The “white noise” in the background that has been there for some time now suggests that your principal task is to integrate your individual self with some kind of group expression. There seems to be three things at work here with either opposing or conflicting interests. In terms of your possessions, do they serve your needs or do you serve theirs? Secondly you may be experiencing some moods and feelings that are quite different from your “normal” self, and may also experience feelings of being overly possessive about property or being surrounded by old and familiar things. These varying effects seem to be in conflict with friends and social groups requiring that you join them and be less of a star on your own, giving you responsibilities that you do not want at this time. Be careful about making assumptions without checking whether they’re true. These events will show up “chinks” in your ego structure, in order to reveal the weaknesses in your conception of yourself and to show you where you must work to gain greater confidence in yourself.

Mantra: This I know: scaled barriers and solved conflicts bring me confidence and character.

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