Birthday of the Month



As the SUN dawns on the horizon of Pisces a grand Square fills the heavens and four God communicate their differences and their grievances. This can be especially restrictive and self-limiting for you if you show little capacity for self-discipline and moderation in life. You may have to struggle under somewhat frustrating conditions, most of your own making, that may serve to force you to learn to properly direct your vital energies, or run the risk of becoming scattered and drained. But this is only the theme of what is going on. The worldly effects are apparent, and as luck would have it you will be particularly sensitive to this for the next little while. In that time you might get a clearer picture of what is going on inside of you, from the news or even the weather. Keep in mind however that this is not really who or what you are, but at this time you’re much attuned to your universe. Wait a minute you’re a Pisces, wasn’t that what you always wanted?

Tuesday signifies for PISCES the beginning of a cycle. This week the thing to pay attention to is emotional excitability. Inklings of romantic imaginings may cause over rationalization of your concepts and some real self-deception. However group activities or activities with friends, or any kind of organizational endeavour might well serve to help you recognize and even identify your own objectives. Here, you will feel secure in yourself and willing to help the group achieve its objectives. It is  incredible what selfless giving can do, the important thing is not to leave the room because there is too much suffering, this week you are required to pull your sleeves up and attempt to do something about it.

Mantra: Facing

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