Horoscope: Feb 2nd to 8th 2014



On the one hand, the week could indicate “A bold out of the blue” lucky chance or change in fortune a sudden opportunity that significantly could affect you. But on the other hand, it can indicate such restlessness and impatience with restrictions that you create a major disturbance in your life in your efforts to become free. Under any circumstances you may be likely, rightly or wrongly, to see change as the only way to get ahead, and to a certain extent this is always true. But be mindful of seeking change for its own sake; take the time to examine carefully which changes will be the most effective. Be mindful of the tendency to be negatively suggestible, and going in the opposite direction from any pressure. “Freedom in general is very important to you at this time, and you will work very hard to get it in some area. “Be mindful of your relationships, they can be disruptive because of your hostility towards anything that keeps you “in-line”. Now is a time of constant change, and you may not be able to tell from one day to the next what you’re going to be doing,” or thinking, or feeling. The idea is that opportunity will probably come if you are able to maintain a balance between a certain degrees of restraint without putting yourself into such a straitjacket that you cannot move when the opportunity presents itself. At this time, you do in fact need freedom from something. “And you will probably get exactly what and how much you need, as long as you avoid moving too quickly and impulsively that you ruin your chances for creative change.” This year if you remain calm, you will, to your surprise, see and be able to take an opportunity to get ahead or to become free from restrictions. Be patient, and you will discover that not much more patience is required.
Mantra: Hummmm hummmm hummmm.



There are two very distinct possibilities for your week, one useful and one difficult. The positive side is that you are able to express yourself with great subtlety, and you are able to express ideas and feelings that you usually could not. This implies that one favourable possibility for this week is for all forms of artistic expression. However don’t expect everyone to comprehend what you are trying to communicate; it could be a bit difficult for most people to understand. [You are a PISCES you know what I’m talking about!]. On the negative side this “Imaginative” power mixed with a hint of “Illusion” could lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications, conflicts, and at its worst direct verbal confrontation which you would do anything to avoid including not being totally honest. Be aware of saying anything that could be thrown back at you later. Be also aware, that this could also mean that you may encounter someone who tries to mislead you; needless to say this week care should be taken in all forms of negotiations. Avoid situations that depend, for success, on the complete honesty and clarity of every participant involved.

Mantra: I am taking care



This week as you sit and contemplate where you go in your relationships, here are a few things that might also come up. A focus on finances and positions that you may hold with others and in the larger way it brings into question the present transformations that you may be going through. It is not enough to know who you are and how you relate to others. You must also come to terms with other people’s values as well. In terms of your career and or vocation, you may be seeking intense experiences that may play itself out in that competitive way. You may also experience some conflict between how you divide your resources and time between intimate relationships and social or group endeavours. One thing that this true and that has been the case for quite a while now is that the way you have been thinking about yourself is changing, sometimes in ways that may even be surprising you. The reason for this is that sometimes it has been slow and transformative and other times it has been sudden and chaotic, but if you look around at what is going on at the moment you will realize that the same thing may be happening in your world.
Mantra: Times change, people change, change is good.


taurus (1)

Your consciousness expanding experience this week may cover the sudden and shocking, the obsessive and transformative, or the freeing and boundless. You may have an overwhelming or even compulsive need to increase your contacts through and within your immediate surroundings. You should however slow down and pay some attention to how and what you communicate to others. Freudian slips can be very revealing for you at this time. They might be revealing parts of yourself that you have been neglecting to express purely for the purpose of maintaining a peaceful environment. It is very likely that you could create a disturbance in a normal, happy relationship because you may feel insecure about the inconsistency of your present environment. However note the insecurity may not have to do with the inconsistency of your environment, it may have more to do with the inconsistency of your philosophical views and ideals at this present time. It is time to relax again and remember what really matters.

Mantra: what matters



Last week we spoke about getting things together in structured and tangible ways. If you did then you may have a way to navigate through the feelings of being mentally scrambled this week. Continue to write everything down and make physical notes of what is occurring around you, especially things that have to do with your job, work or career. It is very possible that you may go through a very confusing and disorienting few days but this can teach you some basic truths about your life if you are able to get over the fear and confusion that sometimes will occur. If you regard your work as a justification for your existence, something that gives your life a purpose it would otherwise not have, then the next few days can be very difficult. You may wonder whether there is any purpose to what you were doing or whether there is any particular reason to be doing it. You may also feel discouraged because of the appearance of being opposed in your efforts to get ahead and for no apparent reason. Maybe what needs to be changed is your attitude towards what you’re doing. By midweek, as MERCURY goes retrograde (yes yet again) you may find yourself reflecting. You will come to some very interesting conclusions about your career and what you do. You may discover that the problems you might be having with others could be because your ego is wrapped up in your work. You may also find on reflection that in fact, you are not what you do!

Mantra: I am…



The week could find you a little bit frustrated with a “nagging problem” that might’ve been operating over an extended period of time, transitioning through family situations and frustrating your ideals. Notwithstanding if you pay attention you may notice that at the present moment the demands of your world are in balance with your emotional needs. As the week progresses however psychological change and emotional turmoil could be intertwined with feelings of affection as well as obsession. At the same time you may want to establish empathic relationships with others, to hear their problems, to help out and play a protective role if possible. And yes all these things are taking place at once. The tension that you could be feeling is not because these feelings are wrong or bad, it is probably mostly because they all want your attention and all at the same time. More than ever your instincts are acutely alive and active but maybe operating from a defensive pose. What may be required of you this week is to make a conscious attempt to objectively reprogram your negative unconscious conditioning. The idea is to accept all of yourself.

Mantra: accepting all


Leo 1

This week you should make an effort to learn more about yourself through intimate one to one relationships with others. At this time partnerships of any kind can be very important. Working with other people or seeking out their advice can also be quite beneficial. In business this is a good time to consult experts in whatever field you are involved in. Encounters with other people at this time are important even if they are conflictual. Conflicts can be creative, because they can force you to examine your own position more thoroughly and thus become more aware of yourself. In any case now is the time to project and reflect yourself in order to learn more about yourself. As a LEO you are probably well aware that relationships are how you grow and how you measure your growth.

Mantra: being together


chiron wounded-1

It is unlikely that you have taken a break since last week, and unfortunately you might have to face the consequences of that this week. As the week progresses things might become progressively more nebulous and even confusing, and you’re likely to notice this more prominently in your partnerships or one to one relationships. The unspoken thoughts and feelings of others may become more tangible than what they are wearing and definitely what they’re saying. It is without a doubt that you will try to stifle this part of yourself. After all you are a VIRGO and you do have a problem with things that you cannot analyze and categorize. As the week gets older your increasing tendency of blending fantasy with fact might become noticeable. And though you might not feel this way this is actually a good thing, because if you can recognize and accept this you may unleash a most creative part of yourself.
Mantra: acceptance is key.



“Deeply personal “is one of the issues that might be activated for you this week and this may be initiated by an intense encounter that may or may not necessarily be smooth. Issues surrounding “power” within a relationship may need to be explored. Be careful about looking at love or any type of intense emotion as an experience that can transcend or transform your life. These drives might be related to a deeper unconscious pattern that may play a larger role with your coming to terms with the need for control. This week you seem to need the experience of a struggle in your relationship, but maybe what you are actually looking for is a heightened sense of satisfaction from the relationships that you’re in at the present time. Different types of relationships may carry different themes, however what is common with all of them is how they deeply affect you in a personal way that might have to do with how you relate to power and control. It could be that you have given up too much; it could also be, that you want too much.

Mantra: wanting yet giving.



Everyday contacts, everyday communications and conversations take on the heavier tone this week. This is not necessarily a bad thing however. At this time you seek unusual and intense love experiences. You hope to find escape from everyday life through love, but this can create problems if you are not careful. You may create a disturbance in a normal, happy relationship because you’re not willing to accept things as they are. Elements of your everyday life that you normally take for granted now become fraught with significance. You may be required to examine your day to day actions because changes might be taking place in you, triggered by circumstances in your immediate environment. If you are single you may become fascinated or infatuated with the new lover but be careful, you could be under the influence of powerful subconscious drives triggered by the aforementioned circumstances in your immediate environment. In an existing relationship, do not use love to manipulate your partner. There’s a strong tendency to use jealousy, guilt or other negative emotions to control your partner’s actions, this could serve only to weaken the relationship.

Mantra: intense truth,



This week, one moment you may be driving yourself and others around you to attain success or excellence in some way, and then at another moment you may have to watch for excessive indulgence, certainly not driven by ambition or any desire to conquer the world. Which one of these two possibilities becomes prominent for you this week has to do with how well you view your own value system, how valuable you view yourself, versus how free or how obsessed you are with other people’s values.
Matters pertaining to money marriage inheritance or anything shared may also play a role. On an unconscious level what could be happening is that your values are undergoing a complete metamorphosis, which could be affecting both your personal possessions on the material plane and your sense of values on the psychological level. Your value system is quietly and slowly changing, this week you’re being given the chance to see it up close. Pay attention what drives you and as well what takes away your drive. These are both relevant and could give you a clue about the balance you’re trying to attain.

Mantra: attaining balance



You may keep your emotions under control this week so has to take a sober and realistic look at the kind of equipment you have been given to navigate the circumstances of your immediate environment. However communications with others are likely to be very subjective, coloured by personal considerations and not always factually accurate. And these two things might sound contradictory in nature but actually they are not. Although you might be sober in dealing with your personal and immediate environment, interactions with the people that happen to be in your environment become subjective and query-some. Before the middle of the week you may be required to probe deeply within yourself in an attempt to strengthen the awareness gained from past periods of loneliness and isolation.  You are accumulating tremendous energies that if handled skilfully you should be able to go quite far. The only pitfall might lie in your ability to recognize and eliminate whatever is old and outworn and those include destructive habits.

Mantra: Cleansing

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