Birthday of the Month:


The general theme for AQUARIUS everywhere is the tension that lies between sudden irreversible, even revolutionary change within their immediate environment, surroundings, how they think, what they perceive and even how they communicate versus an unconscious obsession or compulsion to slowly transform in an absolute way, that guarantees complete newness, as if being reborn. Synchronicity has dictated that the dawn of the Age of Aquarius finds URANUS its ruling planet pitted against PLUTO. The Planet of change and revolution, URANUS stands squarely against the Planet of  total destruction and rebirth PLUTO. They both move in the same direction, that of change, and transformation, but it is a painful labour. We see it in the world around us here and abroad, The Middle East, the Arab summer, are prime examples of these forces at work. AQUARIUS,  SCORPIO ARIES and CAPRICORN know of which I speak. For AQUARIUS  it’s the joy of change but it is also the oppression of transformation. And it is under this general influence that we discuss the week or even the year.

On the one hand, the week could indicate “A bold out of the blue” lucky chance or change in fortune a sudden opportunity that significantly could affect you. But on the other hand, it can indicate such restlessness and impatience with restrictions that you create a major disturbance in your life in your efforts to become free. Under any circumstances you may be likely, rightly or wrongly, to see change as the only way to get ahead, and to a certain extent this is always true. But be mindful of seeking change for its own sake; take the time to examine carefully which changes will be the most effective. Be mindful of the tendency to be negatively suggestible, and going in the opposite direction from any pressure. “Freedom in general is very important to you at this time, and you will work very hard to get it in some area. “Be mindful of your relationships, they can be disruptive because of your hostility towards anything that keeps you “in-line”. Now is a time of constant change, and you may not be able to tell from one day to the next what you’re going to be doing,” or thinking, or feeling. The idea is that opportunity will probably come if you are able to maintain a balance between a certain degrees of restraint without putting yourself into such a straitjacket that you cannot move when the opportunity presents itself. At this time, you do in fact need freedom from something. “And you will probably get exactly what and how much you need, as long as you avoid moving too quickly and impulsively that you ruin your chances for creative change.” This year if you remain calm, you will, to your surprise, see and be able to take an opportunity to get ahead or to become free from restrictions. Be patient, and you will discover that not much more patience is required.
Mantra: Hummmm hummmm hummmm.

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