Horoscope: Jan. 26 to Feb. 1st




This week you may experience a lot of tension between balancing the requirements of an unconscious Psyche with the requirements of a physical environment and your own physical needs. The requirements of being who you are and doing what you want and what is really important to you on a physical level like your independence and ability to explore at your leisure will come into direct conflict with the unconsciously required responsibilities of maintaining cultural and inherited relationships. Old and hidden psychic garbage will require your attention. These are purely psychological but that they are aspects of yourself that are deeply buried in your psyche and you may now be forced to confront them simply because they are in the direct opposition to your physical needs regarding control and freedom within your own environment. Because you already have an abundant capacity to experience an enormous overload of nervous or electrical tension there will be a tendency for impatience to the point where you could alienate or intimidate the people around you. Be on the lookout for these things they will tend to happen without warning. Whatever custom you have of keeping calm or settling down during times of stress do not hesitate to use it this week.

Mantra: Breathe in… Breathe out… repeat…


You may have a rather busy week communicating and engaging in exchanges with others. It is a good time for all negotiations and business dealings, because your communication is likely to be clear and precise. With this in mind taking care of all business-related dealings would be a good idea this week. This is not a good week for you to relax, because the tempo of your life is likely to be rather brisk. You could be using the telephone a lot both calling others and being called. You may travel more than usual this week but it is likely to be to familiar places rather than to new environments. This week is a run-around-town-week for you and you have a clear mind to do it with. Any business that needs to be taken care of now, do not put it off till next week if you can get it done now then do so. Anything that needs to be written down as a reminder for later (especially for next week) be sure to put it in writing, do not leave it to memory or up to simple verbal agreements, on things that have been arranged. At this time a “paper trail” is your best bet. Influences that might affect you later on might require that you revisit tangible evidence of what was accomplished this week, make sure that there are some.

Mantra: Steadfastly doing all that can be done, and making notes.



You will have started the week in the mood for all kinds of hard mental work. You will have had more energy than usual and you would’ve been willing to tackle difficult problems. However as the workweek begins you may have to make a shift and concentrate these energies on resources that are comparatively more abstract, intangible and idealistic in their application. You may find yourself seeking spiritual or even altruistic goods that can eventually be released back into the world for the ultimate betterment of all. In other words the expenditure of your energy this week is an attempt to supply you with something of value. The nuance of your personality is more prone to be expressed thru attitude rather than circumstance. All week you may experience a gentle stimulant, prompting you to develop an instinctual awareness of how conflicts especially with the people closest to you such as your spouse or others with whom you must cooperate like, partners, fellow workers etc. are valuable and suitable for your growth and must be built into your nature. It will enable you to test out how your capacity for productive work can attract benefits even on a smaller scale which can eventually become constructive personal assets. However for this to be true you must apply the effort and drive required to do anything really significant or eventful to these potentials. This brings me back to the beginning of the week. You must try to keep the energy that you started the week with even though you may find it difficult to do so, if you can the results can be quite pleasant.

Mantra: I am making the effort to follow through


taurus (1)

Your tendency to not to want to budge or move a muscle when you’re too happy, or too comfortable or too relaxed, or too in love, or too full, might be a problem for you this week. The “consciousness expanding” experience that you have been going through for the last little while maybe becoming a bit obsessive. How so you may ask? Well for one thing you have become completely involved with the expanding of your consciousness and the experiencing of the wonderful wide world around you with its beauty and under this influence you may be seeing “love” not “health” as part of everyday life, as an experience that can transcend that reality and transform your life completely. And this is true; however you will need to get up! Your relationship with beauty in things or in the people around you could be become compulsive and maybe not very rational in an everyday kind of way. Fascination with your universe is good and it might help you to grow on the inside, but are you growing anywhere else?

Mantra: Being aware of all the things in my environment sometimes requires some discomfort



This week you should make an effort to make concrete plans concerning your professional life or any activity that you pursue as a form of ego expression within your larger society. Do not simply make a mental note of these things. It is a good idea for you this week to put things in writing, or in some other tangible form, that you can refer back to at a later period of time. This week nothing stands in your way of making clear logical and rational decisions about these things. I dare say this will not always be the case. Here are some of the things that you should probably get done. Talk to your superiors, bosses or employers about your work and how you meet advancing your job. This may or may not be a good time for actually trying to get a promotion, depending on other factors. But you can use this time to find the best way to go about getting a promotion. Communication on the job may also assume greater importance than usual and now is the time where you can avoid getting too budged-down in red tape, or be susceptible to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. The opportunity is here, use it.

Mantra: Putting things in tangible form allows me to be sure



This week you will be given a fleeting opportunity to make changes in your emotional life and personal surroundings, such as your home. And you can make these changes without causing great problems and upset, as might be the case at other times. Events may present you with an opportunity to experience your emotions in a new way. A situation may even occur to bring up an event from the past so that you can examine it in a new light and change your attitude towards it. Routines and habits with friends and other people you see every day may have been preventing you from experiencing them as they really are. This week you have that fleeting chance to recognize these attitudes and to change them. Consequently you may experience your friends as new individuals. Poof! And then it’s gone. What takes its place as the week continues is that emotional experiences become much more intense than usual, and this is reflected in the kinds of people and situations to which you will be drawn. And very often through your emotional encounters with these people you experience moods and feelings that you find different from your “normal” self. You may feel overly possessive your property or may just want to be surrounded by old and familiar things that hold memories from your past. And the danger here too is that you may even desire something that belongs to someone else or you may desire greater control over something that is both the possession of yours and another’s. In either case you must recognize that your attachment serves no real purpose and that it is a potential source of trouble.

Mantra: Taking a chance to share without possessing


Leo 1

At least up until midweek if you pay careful attention, you will notice that there are all kinds of new and stimulating happenings in your life. It is not running along in the usual manner. But the changes and the unexpected events are not especially disturbing to you. Instead they open up new understandings and opportunities and give you a feeling that life still has some excitement and potential for growth. Any opportunity that is important to you and through which you really can express yourself may present sudden opportunities. These may come through friends or they may just pop up in your everyday environment. You may become involved with new groups of people who live in a way you hadn’t thought possible before; being attracted to new philosophies and new techniques for managing your life. However what you must pay close attention to is that these events are expressing your desire for greater freedom of self-expression and this may give you an opportunity to gain a little greater control over your life in order to make it a better vehicle for what you want to do. But did I mention? If you pay careful attention!

Mantra: Paying attention, taking chances, getting involved


chiron wounded-1

Let’s talk about your spiritual health and by “health” I mean your physical body and by “spiritual” I mean your tendency to worry and obsess about things that leaves your physical body a mess. You are exhausting so much energy obsessing about things that should be giving you joy, like playfulness or love or creativity or children. And in anyone of these cases the underlying urge to exaggerate or overdo self-expression may become a problem. You may have a tendency this week to ignore or indirectly defy the restraints imposed by the environment. This might cause you to show an uncharacteristic stubbornness or obsessiveness, and let’s face it that is not you. You will be required this week to grow through interpersonal affairs, and this will necessitate a willingness to adjust and to reorient your desires based on a greater recognition and respect of the needs of others. If not you will be pressured into recognizing the limits of your own self-will. Imposing on compromising the lines relationship, will cause you some degree of personal discomfort and frustration. Be careful not to overstate your natural urges in an anxious effort to prove your own personal significance. Watch for displays of ego that might be unduly attention seeking and can only work to alienate others. This is not at all like you and that in itself may give you concern. Relax take it one day at a time, this too will pass.

Mantra: Allowing other the control I desire for myself



Internal and personal things are likely to be triggered this week affecting your inner psyche, your home, your family and other more personal areas of your life. On the psychological level, you may have to deal with the problems or complexes you have been living with for quite a while, maybe even childhood and these may be triggered by relationship issues. The problem and challenge here will be deciphering which is the issue and which is the old un-buried problem. You might think you’re dealing with a relationship issue when in fact you’re actually dealing with a childhood complex. You are a LIBRA and you will walk barefoot across glass for a mile to avoid raw confrontational emotional arguments. However you might be itching for this one, so you should become familiar with the word “displacement”: it is the tendency of directing an emotion (like anger) to someone other than its actual cause. You might initiate a transformational change that requires a slow progression. What might also be required  to have a brand-new look at everything, and that requires time. Take as much as you need.

Mantra: What I bury in my basement could dig a hole and show up on my front lawn


If for any reason this week you decide to seek unusual and intense love experiences you are likely to find it. Energies from the deepest part of your psyche may come to the surface. You hope to find escape from everyday life through love but this can create problems if you’re not careful. If that is not the case then it is likely that you could have some kind of self-analytic interaction with another person. Events that take place now may allow you to learn about your real feelings. However in getting there you may create a disturbance in a normal, happy relationship because you’re not willing to accept the things that they are. If you experience excessive jealousy or possessiveness you should question how secure you feel with your loved one. If you can allow your loved one to respond to your mood, this can be an extremely rewarding time because of the great intensified levels of feelings between you. However all this can be thwarted if you are completely overwhelmed by strong feelings for a time that take away your sense of perspective. Be careful not to overestimate the short ranged significance of your present feelings. They may be significant in the long run, but you cannot take the mood itself at face value. This could denote the beginning of… or transformation into… an unusually intense relationship. In any case it’s a good time to try to understand your emotions and how they affect your relationships.

Mantra: I am in the relationship that I want; I must therefore know what I want

SAGITTARIUS    sagittarius

This week the drive that you’ve been having to attain success excellence and prominence in some way, maybe focused on your partnerships and relationships. This may even come in the form of manipulative behaviour to convince them of your belief in an ideal state of being, but if you give it some thought and are honest with yourself you might realize that it could be because you do not have enough respect for their rights as individuals. This week you have an opportunity to transform yourself within your relationships. Pay attention to new meetings or encounters with old friends and loved ones, they can show you how much you have developed. However if petty ego drives give you the illusion that you are already there the wonderful opportunity of this transforming energy could just be dissipated. Take a good and deep look at what you value the most, you may find that your relationships are a lot more satisfying than you thought they were. Being open to what is important to other people as well might bring you abundance that you did not expect. You’re a SAGITTARIUS you know your luck, there is no need for you to obsess over anything let it be and let it come to you.

Mantra: Asking the universe for what I want and allowing it to answer



The week begins as a good time for heavy mental work and for tasks that require disciplined thinking. Your critical faculties are sharp and your standards are high. However communicating with others may be a bit difficult; either you are not being understood or you may be making a more negative impression than you intended to.  You may be more concerned with criticism than you should be and that could cause you to dwell on heavy or difficult thoughts. As the workweek continues you may be inclined to focus on the productive assemblies of material resources that are more practical, self-sustaining, and able to manifest as tangible power through concrete application. This will require a steady nurturance, consistent attention, and an ability to organize at least on an elementary level. There is a gentle stimulant, prompting you to develop an interesting to all awareness of how and where values suitable to your growth can be built into your nature. It will allow you to test the capacity to productively work with the laws of physical attraction and magnetism drawing the power of attraction to benefit you on a smaller scale, which can eventually become a constructive personal asset. More awareness is still needed before the true worth of the potential that you have here is recognize, understood, desired, and subsequently assimilated. This week you will be provided with workable elementary materials that must be further nurtured and cultivated if they are to bear fruit. You will need to apply yourself to these areas with consistency patients and stability.

Mantra: I am sturdy in my steps and sure in my voice

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