Your Weekly Horoscope: Jan 19 to 25



As the workweek begins you may be inclined to be by yourself with your thoughts and feelings. Your mood is not usually bad or depressed; you simply desire to be calm and reflective. You are definitely not in a frivolous mood this week, but prefer the company of serious people, and want conversations to be about important topics. You may also be inclined to keep your feelings and your innermost thoughts to yourself. There may be an occasional sense of loneliness or isolation and you may have to be careful so that you don’t drift into a sense of pessimism. Be mindful of domestic problems that might arise at this time it could be because you feel in some way that your domestic life is not giving you what it should. Just after midweek may be a good time for heavy mental work, and for tasks that require disciplined thinking. As you move out of wanting to be alone, your critical faculties will become sharp and your standards will become quite high. The only problem that might arise is that you still might find it difficult to communicate with others; either you will have difficulty being understood, or you will give a more negative impression than you intended. Your concern with criticism may make you dwell upon heavy or difficult thoughts and that… could lead to depression or pessimism. Your challenge this week is to rise beyond these feelings and to put your usually disciplined brain to work. This may prevent you from a tendency of withdrawing into yourself rather than confronting any issue that might be at hand for which you need to communicate. If you choose to withdraw, instead of patching up your difficulties you may say goodbye or at least think about doing so.

Mantra: Deciding to smile on the inside and pushing it outward


There is a lot to say about talking up a storm by expressing your point of view to other people. You’re quite able to put a great deal of yourself into whatever you say, which makes you come across authentic. At the same time you may have the capacity to examine yourself with somewhat greater objectivity and detachment than usual. With all of this, you must not forget to slowdown to avoid unpredictability in your communication. Remember that it is possible to express who you are without the shock factor. Important changes have been taking place in your life recently but although you might not have even noticed it the most important changes are taking place inside you. Take a stock of where you were and of where you are now and you will see what I’m talking about. Actually it is time for you to take a stock of the things taking place in your life. This is required because you do not want to overdo the changes that are necessary. Remember you must change what needs to be changed but there is no point throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Mantra: Discretion is the better part of valour


As the week begins you may have to deal with the consequences of a lack of composure and self-restraint in interpersonal situations specifically those of an intimate nature. When it comes to sharing the most important parts of yourself, you will be pressured into applying more self-control and emotional poise if you are to effectively channel your assertiveness and initiative. Although interpersonal conflicts are less obvious on the surface you will gain a deeper awareness of yourself in relation to another person. You may be pressured into using penetrating insight to strengthen your union in a relationship rather than attempt to manipulate others into fulfilling your needs. Try not to distort the facts or to deceive yourself about what is causing your actions. Honestly release your feelings and your desires and allow yourself to be vulnerable, if not dissatisfaction may result in an explosive release of emotional tension… and nobody wants that.

Mantra: I can be honest about what I am feeling when I am feeling it.


You may be just coming out of a period in which there was quite an emphasis on the physical side of your relationship. Another possibility is that the same energy might’ve caused some discord especially if there were hidden tensions within said relationship. The good news is that, this energy is coming to an end and now may be a better time for you to address those troublesome issues. You usually never have had a problem expressing yourself, the only problem a lot of the times is how you go about doing it. If you are not careful this week might find you dealing with the consequences of a lack of composure and self-restraint in interpersonal situations. You will need to watch out for abrasive displays of egoism which might be, unduly attention seeking and may alienating others. Minor interpersonal conflicts might be less obvious on the surface. However you may be pressured to use your own penetrating insight to strengthen your unions rather than to attempt to manipulate or coerce others to fulfill your own darker motivations. There May also be the possibility, or potential for distortions or misinterpretations, therefore self-deception regarding your own motivations for helping or rehabilitating others might be an issue. Any attempt to be misleading in any way may further confuse the issue. You are usually an honest and upfront person, although with a little bit of a tendency to be attention seeking. Keep these things in mind and do your best this week to be transparent.

Mantra: All I am I will gladly show


One of the things this week promises is that, there is a possibility through love, or the experience of beauty in art that you will have a consciousness expanding experience that will broaden you and bring about some personal growth. The form that this experience may take can be quite varied. There’s also the possibility of significantly increasing your contacts through and within your immediate surroundings. You will not have to go very far from you everyday world to find experiences that expand your perception of the world and increase your level of consciousness. Your relationships with relatives – brothers, sisters, cousins etc. – will be very good. It is quite possible that you may receive some kind of financial benefit from one of them, which is not the only way that they could be of benefit to you at this time. For instance your experience may be broadened through a loved one who may show you new things or, something may happen that will teach you more about your relationships… not to disturb you but to increase your insight. The only thing to watch for this week is overindulgence (you are TAURUS you know what I’m talking about) other than that remain open to possibilities.

Mantra: I am letting in the breeze of consciousness to beauty in any form.


This week some frustration might arise in simultaneously dealing with your value systems and the things you consider valuable versus your ideals, your truth and how you endeavour to fathom the underlying patterns and basic laws that govern your life. Yes that was a mouthful but notice I said frustrations not conflicts. A couple weeks ago you had a culmination of big plans and many ideas that you have had for a while, come to fruition. Regarding those plans, you now have to reassemble your energies and properly utilize them in a manner that will benefit you. Your frustration, may be because you are not being methodical, discriminating, or selective and how you handle your activities and the ordering of your ideas. Not to worry, before midweek your mental alertness will return and you will again be able to put forth your ideas so that others understand it. Whether they agree with you or not they will at least respect your opinions. Post midweek will also be a good time for negotiations, if you have to negotiate you will be able to assert your position and make it clear, if that is your intention. It is also good time for planning, writing or any other predominantly mental work. Before midweek however take some time to organize your thoughts that by post midweek you will be ready for whatever comes.

Mantra: Organizing my thoughts will organize my actions


As the week begins, frustration may arise from the inability to properly express yourself because of some hurt or injustice that may be displaced and projected onto someone that has nothing to do with that particular situation. You may need to centre yourself and monitor sudden emotional outbursts having to do with dogmatic beliefs or opinions that might be more about someone else’s value system and not your own. For the first half of the week you are particularly vulnerable to this because you find yourself wanting to express your opinions within your immediate surroundings and to the people that are the closest to you. If you are patient then by midweek you will experience a time of inner peace and balance. You will find yourself living not just through your feelings but through your intellect as well, and you will be able to communicate with others on both levels. Watch for inklings of frustration that might surround issues of martyrdom or self-sacrifice or emotional outbursts surrounding family issues. As the week closes you will find yourself resolving many of the issues that frustrated you when the week began. Take mental notes next week could begin with specific challenges.

Mantra: Mentally preparing and emotionally owning only what is mine.


The week begins with relationship and relating issues at the forefront. If you remain open you could learn more about yourself through intimate one-on-one encounters with others. You will form working units with other people for various purposes, and through these units you will understand more about the effects that you have on other people. If you are presently involved in a long-term relationship you should use this week to examining that relationship with your partner and to discover what needs the relationship does or does not fulfill within your life. Though you might be tempted to do so; this week is not the time for you to go it alone. Try working with other people. At the very least, seek out the opinion of another person in an advisory capacity. If you experience any conflict within your one – on – one encounters this week trying to examine your own position more thoroughly, could actually help you to become more aware of yourself. Here is a thought; you and your opponent form a pair, just as you and your partner do.

Mantra: I can observe myself in the people I encounter in my everyday life.


Your work life and your social life might pose a problem in terms all the annoyances or frustrations that might occur because of inappropriate ways of applying your energy to the concerns of either. In short have you been getting enough sleep? Remembering to eat? Or maybe it could be too much socializing. The point is you might be feeling the after effects of applying too much energy to one thing while leaving the other neglected. And this did not just start today it’s something that has been going on for a while now as a matter of fact, you could finally just be getting over it. However all is not lost. It does mean though that you will now have to refocus on two things, health and work. And this is good, because now is an excellent time for all kinds of mental work. You’re finally much more attentive to detail and are especially concerned about using the best techniques available to you. Watch out for being too critical or criticizing of others [no that’s not like a VIRGO! Not at all! LOL] just keep in mind that at this time your critical ability is very sharpened. As far as your health goes, the only things to watch for are feelings of nervousness or anxiety about some matter, more than likely this could cause some stomach issues. Keep in mind however that your anxiety is most likely not a rational fear and you should not take it seriously except, that it is an unnecessary strain on your body. Start paying more attention to your physical needs and the mental and psychological ones may just fall into place. Remember you are a VIRGO, and the key to your spiritual health is your physical one.

Mantra: It is my body that maintains the balance of my mind.


As family of origin, and career issues continue to be prominent in your life, and they have been for the past little while, relationships in both these areas seem harmonious and pleasant and will continue to be so at least until into next week. This week you want love very much and you are able to give it to those around you as well. You will have a feeling that you can fulfill yourself better by being around others than by being alone. However at this time, there is a slight possibility of emotional turmoil in your relationships. If this does occur, it could be because of a struggle either within yourself or between you and a love one about how free you should be with each other. One of you may demand close in emotional involvement, while the other may demand more room to move. Ultimately it will all boil down to respect and trust, and also remember only by bringing everything out in the open can you resolve any controversy that you have with another person regarding the issues of that relationship, regardless of what that relationship is. On the more mundane level the only other thing to watch for is over indulgence in rich foods.

Mantra: Being honest with you allows you to be honest with me


When it comes to friends and social gatherings you might have a lot to do and say this week. You may also find that you have a lot of energy, being quite willing to tackle difficult problems and will not be discouraged by apparent obstacles, and may even regard them as challenges. You may find yourself making plans that are a lot bolder and more innovative than usual. However it is important that you proceed with caution, because it is likely that you could face opposition, unless you make special effort to placate the forces that may suppose you. You could have a very strong desire to get ahead as well and may even be tempted to cut corners, this might cause problems that may result in obstacles in terms of where you want to get with the things you want to accomplish. Try to be open to other points of view and be able to compromise. Another possibility is that you may try to pressure someone into doing something that they probably do not want to do; the reverse of this is also true, and someone may try to pressure you. In either case it is probably a naked play for power with little or no pretence of righteousness. If you are the perpetrator be careful of the obstacles that you might incur. If you are the victim you will have to resist with all your strength. Which one you end up being will not only decide your week it will decide how you see yourself.

Mantra: Remembering that strength is comprise as well as resistance


This week you may want to take a good look at your resources in the following ways; first you might want to reassess and assemble your thoughts and communications into ways that result in a more efficient use of your efforts. If you find yourself going through frustrating episodes of trying to get your point across, this could probably be the reason. On another level you could drive yourself and those around you to attain success, excellence or prominence in some way. This may only represent a drive to actualize an ideal you hold about how the world ought to be. However before you try to improve everyone around you, strive to improve yourself, which is very possible to do this week. Try to gain a greater understanding of the truth in “Your” world. So what does this have to do with your resources? Relationships and the need to be a part of something bigger may make you inclined to share and be influenced by the beauty that is actually around you. Pay Attention to the things that are short-lived but invest in the things that are more lasting.

Mantra: Investing in my surroundings mean investing in myself 

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